Katarzyna Heczko Bodora 
(born in 1974 in Namyslow, Poland). 
A documentary photographer. Graduate of Chemistry at the Silesian University of Technology, HR at Silesian University and Management at WSB University in Poznan. She’s finished Photography Academy in Krakow (2018), Pix.House Documentary Photography School (2019) and VII Masterclass in Warsaw with Sara Terry as a Mentor (2019). She’s cofounder and member of BLOK.photo collective. 
Since 2017 she has been working on marginalized society in one of the Polish city (called Abyssinia). In 2019 she went to Ukraine to tell the story about phenomenon of Ukrainians’ migration to Poland. Now, she’s working on imprisonment of Primate of Poland between 1953-1956. She’s the winner of 20th anniversary of National Geographic contest.​​​​​​​ Her work has been exhibited by Pix.House and published in National Geographic Polska. She lives and works in Silesia, Poland.
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